Friday, November 30, 2012

5 Products -> 5 Looks

Ok I may be biased, but seriously - the new Stefan styling range is AMAZEBALLS!
We currently have 5 different products that achieve 5 totally different looks.
Im going to go through these with you step-by-step, to have you looking gorgey this summer.

1. Blowdry Straight Creme
Nice and simple, pin straight locks. A classic.

This one is easy, just run the Stefan Blowdry Straight Creme through your hair when you get out of the shower.
Hold your hairdryer above your head and blowdry down. Don't flip your head upside down or shake your hair around too much, or it will add too much volume and frizz. It takes a lot longer, but it will create that long, lengthy, shiny hair look.
When its all dry, feel free to touch up the ends with your straightener if you have a few curly bits - but you shouldn't need to. Finally spray some hairspray in your palms and run down your hair, flattening it to your head. This will ensure your look stays all day.

2. Curl Defining Creme
Go au-natural without the frizzies.

After towel drying, run a 20c piece amount through your hair.
Then attach your diffuser attachment to your Stefan Blowdryer and scrunch your locks up into it while on a low-medium heat.
Slowly rotate around your hair until it's all dry. Flip your head upside down and add a little extra Curl Creme to the ends with your hands.

3. Style Surf Spray
THE LOOK this summer - undone, yet done beach waves.

After towel drying, spray the surf spray all over your hair until it's nice and damp. The part your hair down the middle and pull 2 sections to each side of your head like you are going to do 2 braids.
Simply split each section into 2, and wind around each other and tie with a hairband. Let it dry naturally.
Then un-do the wraps and shake out softly.
Add a bit more spray to the palms of your hands and softly tease up your hair at the roots with your hands.

 4. Leave in protector
Must be used before ANY look if you are using styling tools.

This product is always used when heat styling, so for this example I will just describe a look to you that I love - it looks hard, but its soo easy!
After washing your hair, spray the heat protector in the ends. Blowdry and straighten.
Just above your ears, grab a small chunk of hair and simply plait downwards and secure with an elastic. Repeat on the other side.
Grab one plait and pull over the top of your head and secure behind the opposite ear with bobby pins.
Repeat on other side so the 2 braids cross over on top of your head.
Voila - a braid headband!
You can do the braid as thick or as thin as you like and I always like to add a few loose curls to the rest of my hair when I'm done, and because my hair isn't very thick, it helps to hide the bobby pins.

Here is my attempt at this style: 

If you do really thick braids, it looks really funky if you pin up all your hair around the braid as seen on Sienna Miller here:

 5. Texture Style Creme
Perfect to spunk up short hair - men or women!

This must be worked through damp hair. Start with a small amount and build up depending on how much texture you want. Let is sit for a minute, and then add more and ruffle with your hands. Gives lots of lift and a fun, spikey look for short hair!

Go forth and create!

Kate-Elizabeth xxxx

Wednesday, November 28, 2012




The heady days of spring are upon us, and summer is just around the corner. As the days get warmer and longer, we'll be spending more time outdoors enjoying the wonders of nature.

Fortunately, the spring and summer trends offer palettes to suit all tastes Soft, pastel shades are all the rage, combined with a riot of neon color and beautiful, allergy-inducing floral prints. You can pick whatever suits you and work with a trend you like.

Bear in mind that bright colors and huge prints can totally overwhelm you and place all the focus on your clothes, so as in all things in life, moderation is key. Pick one loud piece and tone the rest of your outfit down, or keep the loud pops of color on your nails and accessories. If you're petite, incorporate pastels into your outfits and steer clear of huge prints and swaddling layers of fabric, such as maxis.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wedding Skin Prep!

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be a part of my brother in laws' wedding. It was a beautiful wedding with a bunch amazing people. As with any wedding, preparation was the key and as a bridesmaid I needed to make sure my skin was in pristine condition for the big day. I made sure to eat clean (lots of fresh fruit, protien and veges), took care of my skin by avoiding excessive sun, cleansing and moisturisng everyday and trying to keep the stress levels down. I even treated myself to a facial a few days before the wedding to relax.

  See some tips below for the perfect wedding skin
  • Be sure to eat healthy and drink plenty of water in the months leading up to your wedding. Water is great for hydrating the skin and helps to flush out toxins from your body.
  • REST REST REST. There is nothing worse than a rundown Bride. Consider a vitamin supplement to keep your body at it's best. They will make you feel more engergised and will make up for the stressful times. Sleep is essential for keeping your body rested and will help to reduce the dreaded breakout.
  • Limit caffeine, alcohol and stress as MUCH as much as possible. No-one likes a bride-zilla

  • Stick with skincare products that you know and trust. It is the worst time to experiment with new products. Why change a good thing right? Sticking with a routine that works will reduce the risk of serious breakouts, reactions or irritations (a brides worst enemy). Daily skincare and once weekly exfoliation should keep your skin fresh, deeply cleansed and clear. 
I suggest trying the Dermalogica Skincare range for beautiful wedding skin. Our staff at the Stefan Concept Salon would be happy to provide you with a skin consutlation and suggest the best products for your skin type

  • Brow grooming should be done 3-5 days before the wedding. But if you are in the pursuit of the PERFECT BROW - start early - give yourself a few months to develop the shape that you are after. I recommend seeing one of our trained professionals. The Stefan West End Concept salon will sculpt your brows to the perfect shape. If you do decide to prep your brows just before the day, make sure you leave a couple days in between the pluck and the wedding. This will allow time for any redness to dissipate.
  •  It is always nice to have a natural sunkissed glow. Rather then baking in the sun and harming your skin, why not try a tinted moisturiser. You can gradually build the tan over a couple of weeks before wedding. Alternatively you could opt for a light, even spray tan.
  • The night before your wedding, wash face well, lightly exfoliate (lips too!) , rinse well and pat dry. Follow with a lip balm a good moisturiser and get plenty of rest.
  • In the morning, rinse face well with warm water and follow up with a  cold washcloth to tighten large pores and wake up your face. Check with your makeup artist if you are required to moisturise.

Book in at our Stefan Concept Salon today for your wedding day makeup and hair as well as pre-wedding beauty treatments! The salon is offering 50% OFF at the moment so get in quick. Phone 07 3840 0023 for more information or to make a booking.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


With Christmas nearing and stress levels rising, we all need a few ways to stop the clock a little and relaxxxxxx! One fabulous way to relax is by massage. Did you know that massage isn't just for muscle pain? It can boost your immunity and help with high blood pressure!
Here are 5 surprising benefits of massage that you may not know!

1. Pick Your Spot.
You don't have to massage the part of the body that hurts most. Massage creates chemical changes that reduce pain and stress throughout the body. One way it does this is by reducing a brain chemical that is related to pain.

2. De-Stress, Stay Healthy. 
Massage may boost immunity. Cortisol is a hormone in your saliva which is produced when you are stressed and kills cells important for immunity. So massage reduces your stress levels and hence the cortisol in your body, it may help you avoid getting a cold or another illness while under stress.

3. Blood Pressure Benefits: 
Massage reduces hypertension, suggests a good deal of research. This may be because it stimulates pressure receptors that prompt action from the vagus nerve, one of the nerves that emerges from the brain.

4. Technique Tactics: 
There's little evidence to support one kind of massage over another so don't worry about whether you book in for Shiatsu, Swedish or some other technique. The key is to have a pressure firm enough to make a temporary indentation in the skin.

5. Self Help. 
You can massage yourself. If you're in danger of developing inflamed nerves in your hands or arms from repetitive movements (like typing on a keyboard, or even gripping a steering wheel for hours at a time) try massaging your arms for 15 minutes a day. Stroke from the wrist to the elbow and back down on both sides of the forehand.

Whoa! Who would have thought there was so much more to it!

What are you waiting for? Book your massage today and get healthy from the inside out before Christmas. Our Stefan Concept salon offers 30 minute, 40 minute and 60 minute massages starting from just $49.00, so do a little bit of pre-Christmas spoiling and treat yourself to one!

PH: 3840 0023

Friday, November 23, 2012

Red Carpet Arrivals!

Tonight is a very big night for Stefan Hair Fashions as we are the official styling partners of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards!

This is a HUGE event which celebrates outstanding films and actors within the Asian and Pacifika film industry.
Representatives from each of the films attend this ceremony and are awards and speeches are presented on stage.

Lucky for three of the girls at Stefan Head Office - we have been gives three VIP tickets for the ceremony tonight - woohoo!

We are in for a big night of fashion, beauty, awards, paparazzi, red carpet...we need to look gorgeous!'

Lucky for us - we work with the best makeup artists and hair stylists in the country!

Yesterday, Bec (wednesday blogger) and I were lucky enough to have an exclusive styling session at the Myer centre. 
Myer were kind enough to offer to dress us for the event and we were allowed to walk around the centre and choose whatever we liked - oh to work in the fashion and  beauty industry! 

Heres a sneak preview of our dresses for tonight!

The brands we chose are Manning Cartel, Seduce and Wayne Cooper and OMG their summer ranges are BEAUTIFUL!

Check out our Instagram for live updates of all the goss and glamour of the Asian Pacific Screen Awards tonight!

Love, Kate Elizabeth xxx

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Festive season looks!

The Festive Season is here!
Work Christmas parties, family gatherings and nights out with your friends - the silly season brings everyone together to celebrate the year that was.
What a great time to rock this seasons hottest fashion, hair and make-up trends.
Work Christmas Party
Show your colleauges your professional and fashionable side this Christmas party. Keep your look tailored, sleek and on trend. Try pairing fresh and natural make-up with bold statement jewellery.



Family Celebrations
 Remind your cousins who is the family fashionista! Keep your look relaxed, yet stylish. Go minimal with make-up, but make sure your hair is healthy and styled so tackle the long family day ahead.


A Night with Friends
This is your chance to let your hair down and enjoy the holidays. Be creative with make-up and your outfit. Don't be afraid to go bold with patterns and shape. 



Use this holiday season to explore your wardrobe and endless possibilities with hair and make-up styles.
Send me through some of your best holiday party tips!
Have a great weekend,
Rach xx