Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CHANNEL NINE Filming - Stefan Boating World

WOW! What a day.

Kate and I headed down to Coomera, Gold Coast this morning for the first filming of 
Stefan's new Boating Business 


with Channel Nine. Sun was beaming, the heat was extreme & it was a perfect day to go 
cruising on the water in the new boats.

We were all ready to go and it then started to rain! :(

It quickly passed, the sun came out & we all jumped into the boats and took off cruising. 
Here is a few sneak peak photos from todays photoshoot/ filming day.

I have to say the Razarcat was definitely my favourite & of coarse the pink one! 
& I got to have a sneaky drive of it too.

Here a few snap shots of Kate & Mitch crusing in the Rib Series by Stefan.

Stefan Fibreglass Cuddy by Smart Liner.

Aluminum Alloy by Smartliner

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Have a great rest of your week everyone!

Love love Bec

Friday, October 26, 2012

Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, and everyones is different.
BUT...there are some things you just GOTTA do before you kick the hypothetical bucket.

1)Do a Skydive
Honestly, I know the prospect is absolutely petrifying, but the sensation of free-falling is incredible. I've done both a bungee jump and skydive - and let me tell you - skydive is much less scary, but much more amazing. 

2)Love Hard (and maybe get your heartbroken in the process)Have you heard the saying "it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?" 
Even if you think you might get hurt - sometimes you gotta take the plunge! I don'e personally believe that you have to get married, to be happy. Just make sure you love someone and you give it all you've got.

3)Keep a Journal
Sounds old school I know! But these days, there are heaps of modern ways to keep a diary, whether it be on paper, or electronic format. 
Just make sure you have something to look back on when you are old and grey and be able to reminisce on the things you used to love. My version of keeping a diary is my Pinterest account. This will be like a time capsule for me when I grow up (which may never happen with the way I'm going) and will be an incredible form of nostalgia. Yes - I will probably kick myself for loving platform sneakers - but hey, it will get a giggle from me and my kids one day!

This is a bit of a naughty one, but an old friend once told me that you haven't lived if you haven't flashed a stranger! 
Whether this may be a boobie shot to a random car, a skinny dip, or a nudie dash down a deserted street, ya gotta do it once!!

5) Do something crazy with your hair
I've always been so boring with my hair - Ive always been so protective of my light blonde colour that I've never wanted to taint it. But this is one that is still to be ticked off on my bucket list. You want to be able to look back when your 50 and say "WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?" Its only hair, and you never know what might suit you!

6) Stay out so late, you see the sun come up
This one was a super hard one for me ('cause I'm such a nana!) 
And I don't mean have a little nap, and wake up for the sunrise...I mean stay up all night, whether it be playing cards, watching movies, parting or night you have got to sit and watch night turn to day. It really is spectacular!

7) Spend a RIDICULOUS amount of money on a pair of shoes
Another hard one for me because I'm so tight with my money, but my love for shoes won this battle! 
And they don't even have to be practical! When I graduated I bought myself a ridiculous pair of red suede 7inch-heel ankle boots. But ya gotta do it once (in my case it will no doubt happen many-a-time in my life) but sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

8)Visit "Your Place."
Everyone has a place. You know, that place that you just know you will love, that place you just have to go to? The place that you know you were just MEANT to be born in. My place is Venice. After reading the amazing book, A Thousand Days in Venice, I knew I had to visit.Walking down the pier, eating hot croissants and buying fruit warmed by the sun at the local markets..thats me.So many people see this  as just a dream - make it happen.

9)Go to the concert of your favourite band/artist.
Now this totally sucks for you if your favourite artist is Elvis, but one thing you have to do before you die, is see ONE of your favourite bands in concert. You may think their music is amazing, turned up full volume in your car - but imagine it live with thousand of other screaming fans!
May sound claustrophobic, sweaty and noisy, but ya gotta do it once.

10) And finally, a cheesy one....Make sure you give your Mum and Dad a hug.
Sometimes its hard. I know.
Its cheesy, and lame, and stupid.
But my gosh, you will regret it if you don't.
Nobody's parents aren't perfect, but you cant deny that you would not be here without them.
Even if its the LAST thing you want to do before you cark it, make sure you give your Mum and Dad a cuddle, and tell them that you love them.

Let me know whats on your bucket list!
Kate Elizabeth xxx

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's start in the middle

The middle part is back!
As the new fashion season hits, why not try updating your look with the old, trusty middle part.
Embracing the center part can jazz up a bun, make effortless loose hair elegant and create a tailored look when the hair is slicked back.
Sophie Roberts, the Tresemm√© hair director responsible for Willow's runway look, said middle parts were great for heart-shaped faces and long hair. “It will complement the face shape and create a symmetrical balance. What I love about the middle part is the iconic strength it lends to your look,” she said.
Here are some of the seasons hottest middle part looks!


The Do's and Don'ts of Middle Parts:
DO add waves for a soft and effortless finish. To achieve this look try Stefan's Alive Volumising Glaze RRP$22.95 - An innovative volumising formula to give you long lasting, flexible volume all day long that will add intensity to your waves.
DON'T if you have a cowlick, part your hair slightly off center to avoid looking like Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary.
DO use an anti-frizz serum. Flyaway hair can tend to get extra frizzy either side of the part, and static tends to be obvious with a middle part. MoroccanOil Frizz Control RRP$49.50 is great for this!
DON'T have an uneven part! If you’re going to take the plunge with a middle part, at least make sure it’s a straight line...
Try this look out for the hot weekend ahead!
Rach xx

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anti-Aging Tricks

With my next birthday fast approaching, I have been researching way to keep my skin looking youthful for longer.
 Here’s a few simple ways to take years off your face.


Our Stefan Concept Salon offers a range of treatments including Microdermabrasion. It is a light cosmetic procedure that exfoliates your skin to gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells making your face smoother and even-toned.


Frequent exfoliation is great to increase cell turnover which means new cells are being brought to the surface of the skin. Exfoliation helps to get rid of dead skin cells and will promote a smoother and more radiant appearance. We recommend using the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant available at Stefan Concept Salon, West End. This product is gentle enough for daily use and helps to balance uneven pigmentation.


We all know that the sun can contribute to skin aging. Excessive sunlight can accelerate the aging process and can cause age spots, the formation of wrinkles and fine lines and can compromise the firmness and elasticity. Save your skin by using a broad spectrum sunscreen on a daily basis – at least SPF 30. Dermalogica offers a range of products that can protect your skin from the sun. Ask one of our beauty therapists which product will work for your skin at our Stefan Concept Salon in West End.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is very delicate so take care of it with an anti-aging eye cream. Every time you rub your eyes, you risk breaking blood vessels, which leads to the dark circles under your eyes.  I am keen to try the Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair Cream from our Concept Salon. It is an ultra-rich cream that helps to repair the signs of prematurely aging skin while antioxidants defend against further damage. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines by infusing skin with hydration. Apply this product after cleansing, gently pat around the eye area, blending inward from the outer corner. This can be used both morning and night. Night time application is especially important as cells regenerate while your body sleeps.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is the cheapest and easiest way to revitalize your body. Try going to bed earlier to give your body more time to recover from the day’s activities. Eight hours is the necessary amount of time your body needs to rest and regenerate. Avoid drinking coffee in the late afternoon and try not to excersied within 3 hours of your bedtime.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Which Brush Does What?

One of the biggest beauty blunders isn’t buying bad products, but actually having the wrong tools.

It is so important to have good quality brushes for make-up application if you want a flawless, professional look.

The Stefan professional make-up set is an absolute must have – and at $39.99 there’s not reason not to have it!
The brushes are also made with real goats hair, so they are high quality and great for application and blending.

The kit includes:
·      A powder and bronzing brush
·      A contour brush
·      Eyebrow and eyelash brush
·      A sharp angular eye shadow brush
·      Application eye shadow brush
·      Blending eye shadow brush
·      Lipstick and concealer brush

So how do you use them all, I hear you ask?
Well let’s go through a little tutorial on what each brush is used for, and how to correctly use them.

Powder and Bronzing Brush:
This is for applying any pressed or loose powder, whether it be foundation or bronzer. Get some product on your brush, and then tap off the excess.
If you are going for all-over coverage, sweep the face with circular movements, starting on the forehead and moving down to the chin so you rub in all product.
Contour Brush:
This is for applying highlighter, blush or extra bronzer. If you hold the end of the bristles and squeeze so the brush flattens out a bit, you can grab some blush and gently sweep over the apples of your cheeks, moving up the cheekbones with your highlighter for extra definition.
The Stefan Cheek Blush in Coral is my favourite, and I always put a bit of highlighter on for a bit of extra sparkle at night.

Eyebrow and eyelash Brush:
This is simply for grooming. Brush your eyelashes into formation, and if you spray the brush with a little hairspray they will hold their form all day. After applying mascara use the eyelash comb to brush your eyelashes and remove any clumps.

Sharp angular eye shadow Brush:
Choose an eye shadow or eyebrow powder that is a shade or two darker than your brows and use this brush to fill in your brows. I like quite defined, thick brows so I like to shape mine quite heavily – but depends on personal preference.
I adore the Stefan Brow Sculpt, which has two colours so you can have shaped brows for the day, and defined, big bushies for at night!

You can also use this brush to apply eyeliner. With the bright colour trend that is in this summer, if you grab a fun bright colour on this brush, then run the brush along your waterline, or just above your top eyelashes, you can add a burst of colour to your eye makeup.
Application eye shadow Brush:
With this brush you apply your eye shadow over your eyelid. If you are using two colours, use this brush to apply the lighter of the two colours.
For example, if your using purples, grab some lavender or lilac and sweep the colour over your whole lid, not going up into the brow bone.

I love the Butterflies and Parties Eyeshadow palette - because I think purples look stunning on blue eyes, but if you want a bit of everything - go for our ginormous make-up palette!

Blending eye shadow Brush:
Now grab the darker purple and blend it in your crease.
(The crease is when your looking straight ahead and your eyelid has a crease or line in it.) Put the darker purple in, then close your eye and blend the two colours together where they join so there is no harsh line.

Concealer and lipstick Brush:
Use this brush before you apply your foundation, to dab concealer onto any spots or dark areas under your eyes. You can then use it to apply your lipstick so you can easily follow the lines and define your lips.
Don’t forget to wash the brush between uses so you don’t smudge red lipstick all over your face!!

 Go look gorgeous girls!

Love, Kate Elizabeth xxxx

MIX 'N MATCH: Combine your wardrobe favs!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

White Wedding

Its the time of the year when the big guns of the Wedding fashion industry bring out their new collections. All countries around the world are in the best seasons for weddings - Autum and Spring.
Wedding dress designer big guns such as Vera Wang, Marchesa, Badgley Mischka, Monique Lhuillier and Carolina Herrera didn't fail to dissapoint.
Vera Wang


Carolina Herrera

Badgley Mischka
Monique Lhuillier

2012/2013 Wedding Looks

All these great looks can be achieve by using Stefan Professional Make-Up and by all of our talented hair stylists.
We are getting more bookings then ever for whole bridal parties so dont miss out and book into your closest Stefan's today. Let us help you look and feel beautiful on one of the most important days of yoru life.
Have a great weekend!
Rach xx