Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY: Computer Desktop Organiser

The trickiest part about New Year resolutions definitely has to be sticking to them. 
One of my resolutions was to declutter and reorganise my workspace, but as 2013 progressed, my computer desktop was becoming a little too cluttered for my liking! 

So I decided to make use of my desktop background by turning it into my own little DIY desktop organiser.

 It was super easy to do!

Here's my shiny new desktop!

Use your preferred photo editor (my favourite is Photoshop) and find some cute patterns and shapes online. The best part about this DIY is that you can completely customise it to suit your tastes and workflow. Spend a bit of time thinking about which categories will be best for you and your organisation habits – I used: "to do", "urgent", "personal", and "shortcuts".

 But you could use anything, for example: "uni subjects", "renovating", "wishlist", "photos", or "holiday plans".

As a graphic designer I'm a very visual person, so this colour-coded, spacial format is perfect 
for me. What type of person are you? 

You might like to turn your desktop into a table, list, flowchart, piechart, or even a venn diagram!


 Much more organised! Yay!

If you decide to declutter your own desktop,
feel free to Instagram us what you come up with!


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