Friday, February 15, 2013

Incredible India!

Hi there everyone!

I’m Anjali Raj, a 21-year-old gal from Brisbane.

I’m a recent graduate from Journalism and PR at the Queensland University of Technology – a degree which I really enjoyed!

For work I am a singer, a Nova 106.9 Sandman, a promotional brand ambassador and a kids karaoke host – let me just say, I love my jobs!

I have been associated with Stefan Hair Fashions since I was only 9-years-old - singing at launches, awards nights, birthday celebrations, race days and other special events over the years. Therefore, I have formed a special relationship with the company and some of the staff in head office :)

This past week I had the opportunity to complete some work experience at Stefan Head Office, working closely with Kate from the Marketing/PR department. 

I must say I really enjoyed the experience, definitely learnt some new skills and met some really lovely people!

Sooo, I thought I would have a go at doing a blog while I’m here :) 

I’ve decided to blog about my recent trip to India and why I think travelling is so important!

Well firstly, my Dad is Indian so we travel to India every few years to visit all of his relatives over there. A lot of his uncles, aunties and cousins live in New Delhi, so usually we spend most of our time there.

This time we travelled to India specifically to attend my dad’s cousins’ wedding.

 We stayed in New Delhi for 10 nights with the wedding at the end of our trip.

Unlucky for me, I developed Delhi Belly in the middle of the trip and was out for about 2-3 days :(  Was not a pleasant experience!

Gearing up to the wedding, the bride and groom held a cocktail party for around 80 friends and family around an outdoor pool area at one of New Delhi’s most lavish hotels.

Might I say those Indians were pretty wild – partying until around 5am! We left relatively early at around 1am after eating dinner at 12am – late dinner hey?

A couple of days later was wedding day……and what a wedding it was! Lots of colour, food, drinking, music and dancing - a lot of fun!

Travelling is great because it gives you a break from your daily life and provides you with the opportunity to engage in new activities in foreign places.

  • Provides you with the opportunity to learn about places and  history   
  • Connects you with other cultures and people
  • Gives you time to relax and take a break 
  • Expands your awareness and introduces you to greater diversity 
  • Helps you to get to know yourself (and sometimes others) better
If you’ve always thought about going to India – definitely do it! Such an amazing country, full of rich culture to soak up – it’s like no other place in the world. And of course the food is amazing! I’ve got to say Butter Chicken and Dosa’s are my fave!

So, I hope I have inspired you to plan a trip in the near future – go somewhere new, try something adventurous or out of your comfort zone!

Well that’s all from me. Thanks for reading my blog – hope you liked my photos!

Anjali xo

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