Friday, February 1, 2013

Jess is leeeeaving on a Jet Plane!

Well all of us at Head Office are a bit dark on the boss lady this week.
Because the lucky lass is off to New York on Tuesday!

Jess is heading over to the big apple for New York Fashion Week and to promote her new blog - Serendipity Rose.

(Definitely check it out if you haven't yet. She's a very classy gal, with great style.)

Jess is off to hit up backstage events and do some research on up-and-coming trends and fashions.

So I'm going to give Jess a head-start and give a list what I think are going to be the hot trends of 2013.

Tight, slicked-back ponytails and high buns are so over this season. I predict that the low, scruffy bun is going to be the hot hair trend for 2013.
The look is going to be really messy and bohemian, sometimes with various braids and twists. 

The smokey eye and the thick liquid line is OUT!
This year its all about COLOUR!
You can still do a smokey eye, but use turquoises and blues, or purples and violets to achieve a fun smokey eye!
It's only make up - it washes off, so have fun with it!


The season will see the return of the flatform!
Hot and high - yet still practical for daily wear.
Not only in a sandal/heel type, but also in the sneakers - wild!
Make it way easier to slam dunk with these babies on.


The dressy-harem pant will really go off in 2013.
Especially in bold floral, spots, sequins and stripes. With a plain basic tee and your wedges, its a hot yet practical look for all occasions. 

We will all miss you heaps Jessica-Rose, bring us back lots of goodies!

And readers, keep an eye out on our Facebook, Instagram and Blog - I will be posting updates and photos of Jess' trip lots over the next month.

Love, Kate XXX

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