Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve!

I am officially the last person to blog for 2012! How exciting!
And what a year it has been! I have so many fantastic memories from 2012. Looking back, I would have to say it really was a great year.

I have a few stand out highlights of 2012.

For me it was the year of weddings! I went to 4 in 2012!
 In November of this year I saw my best friend get married to the love of her life!
I was so excited to be bridemaid for her and it was an amazing day that I wont forget!
(they are so sweet!)

This year, as you may know, I had the opportunity to go overseas to 
both USA and Hong Kong! Both were mindblowing experiences and I learn't so 
much from my travels!


I never make New Years Resolutions. 
I think if you want to make a goal to work towards, make it any day of the year. :)
But for those people who like to start the year off on a good note, I have a few tips for keeping your goals in sight!

Try and focus all your energy into one goal and try and make it specific.

Give yourself a reasonable time line to achieve your goal/s.

Commit. Wanting to do something just isn't enough. 
You need to generate commitment.

You dont have to do it alone. Telling friends and family about your goal can 
give you that extra bit of support when you may feel like giving up.


Whatever your plans for seeing in the New year, 
I hope you have a great time and stay safe!
I look forward to a great 2013!


Andrea xo

Friday, December 28, 2012

Wearing Brights to Work

So first off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, getting amazing presents and (eating way too much) like I did!

I love spending time with family, but this Christmas also had me excited for another reason. It was the first time I had the day off to go to the boxing day sales!!

Usually one to stick to monochrome tones for office looks, I found myself overwhelmed (and loving!) the neon looks of the moment. I've put together a few looks of how I will  be wearing my brights to the office this season.

Pairing two brights together could be OTT but simple accessories and shoes help to make the look more polished.

I could not go past these bright pink flats, they are perfect for under the desk at the office.

The colour of this skirt makes a great addition to the work wardrobe, and it works beautifully with the rings and nail colour below.


 I never thought I could pair a neon yellow with a neon pink, but it really works with this look!

Here is Chloe from Head Office rocking bright electric blue!

And you can't forget the finer details. Earrings, Bracelets or Nail Colour can be a great, simple way to wear the trend too!

Thanks for Reading

Have a Very Happy New Year ! 

xx Becky

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas @ Stefan Head Office


  At the start of the week we had our annual MASKS present charity drive. Santa, some Head Office staff, the QLD motorbike police and some of the families from the Queensland Childrens Hospital had breakfast at our JoJo's restaurant. We then traveled to the hospital to deliver gifts to the sick children.
It was such a rewarding experience!

But, today was "Christmas Day" at the Stefan Head Office.

We played Secret Santa, had Vietnamese takeaway, exchanged gifts and said farewell to our Customer Relations Manager Bec :(

Here are a few little snapshots of the day...

Jess and Bec brought their dogs in to visit - they are siblings and we had a ball playing with them! 
Price Boofy after his makeover, check out his little bow!

Santa Ariel making a mess on my desk

Princess Ariel working hard
Boofy about to go for a run in his sneakers!

Bec, our Customer Relations manager is leaving us today, and she loves Hello Kitty - so we had some little farewell gifts for her!

Then we all played Secret Santa - here are some of the goodies I picked up!

Stunning Cat Hammill bangle and ring, and a cute Typo diary from Jess.

(Wasn't really for me - but I ate 'em anyway!)
Yummy cupcakes from Senna for Bec's farewell.

Amazing Louis Vutton keychain from Bec

Fun colourful iPhone cases from my Secret Santa - Rach

Amazing Fluro Steve Madden wedges from Rose.



Thursday, December 20, 2012

Summer Hairstyles

Summer Hairstyles   


So being exposed to  some of the worlds best hair products and stylists here at Stefan, I felt it was time I started to experiment with some hair styles!

All of the styles I attempted for this post only took 10-20 minutes and suit a range of different hair types. I hope you get some inspiration for your upcoming Christmas or New Years Eve functions!

Feel free to comment on your favourite look, or provide suggestions of what I should try next!

Look 1. The messy low pony/bun.

My hair inspiration for this look

How I achieved it:

This is one of my favourite looks and its so simple!

First, I put some styling powder onto the roots of my hair to provide some body, texture and hold. Then I lightly teased the crown to give the look more height. I then gathered the hair into a low ponytail, slipped on the headband and smoothed down the hair at the back. Taking a medium sized curling wand (I love the Stefan 2-in-1 curling tongs!), I curled the front pieces to finish the look. 

I then gave my hair a light mist of hairspray and it was ready! I love wearing this look out to dinner and it is perfect for festive occasions. You could be creative and even make your own headband too!

Look 2. The polished high bun.


 My hair inspiration for this look

How I achieved  it:

This look is perfect for our hot summers, and can be created on wet or dry hair. The secret is the hair donut. Gather hair into a high ponytail, smoothing with a brush as you go. Then secure with a hair elastic. Then, place a hair donut over the ponytail and pull the hair through. Fold all the hair over and around the donut, then tuck all of the hair under the base and smooth over. 

A polished look in under 10 mins!

Look 3. The braided fringe.


My Inspiration for this look

How I achieved it

This look is perfect for those who are growing out fringes, or  just to 'pretty up' a simple hair style. It works well with my naturally wavy hair, and suits both an upstyle or when you wear your hair out. Simply separate your fringe, (or the desired amount of hair at the front) and start to braid, keeping the tension on the hair to ensure it sits flat along the hairline. Tuck the  loose ends behind the ear and secure with a bobby pin.  A really feminine and fun look, perfect for summer.

Look 4. Unstructured curls

 My short hair Inspiration for this look

My long hair inspiration

How I achieved it:

This is a glamorous, but easy style to achieve. I started by spraying a heat protector spray  over the hair and  separating it  into 4 sections.  Using a large barrel tong, I curled each section of hair with the barrel facing downward to achieve the
'spiral' look. Once curled, I allowed it to cool and brushed the curls out gently. I then sprayed a sea salt spray over the curls and lightly scrunched it with my hands. 

As an alternative, this style works brilliantly  with clip in hair extensions, as the curls blend well, and the messy look conceals all of the clips. Human hair extensions allow you to style them as if they are your own, so complete the same steps as above each piece and then clip in.  

Look 5. Naturally side-swept

 My inspiration for this look


How I achieved it:

This look is perfect for more formal occasions, but is easy to achieve and takes no time at all. It works best with blow dried hair, and can be either curly or straight. 

I started by working a sea salt spray through the hair, and scrunched the ends to give texture to the style. I lightly teased the crown of the hair to give the style more body. I then smoothed the top layers of the look sweeping the hair to one side and securing with bobby pins. I then used a large decorative slide clip and used hair-spray to finish and hold the look.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

Rebecca xx