Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Valentines Heart Envelopes

How will you share the love this Valentine's Day? As far as I'm concerned, nothing is more personal than a handwritten letter. Or maybe there is... how about a handwritten letter that comes in a handmade heart envelope?

 My finished project... ready for my Valentine!

Step 1: Make your template

The only tricky part of this DIY is the right heart shape. Aim to make your heart a similar shape to mine, and it should overlap in the right places when you start folding. The lines that I drew on my template are where your folds will be.
Use a scrap piece of landscape A3 paper just to experiment first, and once you find the right shape and folds, you can use this as a template. Make your heart as big as possible because it will shrink a lot when you fold it. 

To make sure the heart is symmetrical, first fold the paper in half and then draw and cut.
 Step 2: Put your template to use

Once your template is folding correctly, trace it onto a fancy/cute/sentimental/special piece of paper and cut that out. I used one with a cute pattern. If you use a pattern (rather than a solid colour) just remember that you should cut out your heart upside down. This is because the bottom of the heart will become the top of your envelope.

Step 3: Your first folds

To make things easy for yourself and to keep unsightly accidental folds to a minimum, put your template on top of your new piece of paper and use a ruler to score the folds. Flip your paper so that the outside of your envelope is facing down, and fold the two sides of your heart towards the centre.
 Step 4: Fold again

Fold the top of your heart so that the top of the paper meets the corners of your last fold. Glue this piece in place. You're almost there...!

Step 4: Your last fold

Invert everything and then fold the white peak downwards. VoilĂ ! You have a cute, handmade, heart envelope. Then just scribble some sweet nothings in a letter, and get a cute sticker to seal the envelope as well as a cute label for the front.

   My finished envelope with a label addressed to my love!

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