Saturday, February 16, 2013

Guest Blogger - Claire Parviz

Dating, Dukan & my Diary.

By Claire Parviz.

 I have had the pleasure of having my hair and makeup done by the wonderful team at Stefan Hair Fashions for about 6 months now, and I must stress, with the amount of events, openings, galas and corporate affairs that fill my diary week to week, it has become like a second home!

When the team asked me to guest blog for their website, my mind raced through all my tales and secrets I have probably divulged to Eric, Bonnie, Milana and all the other awesome Stefan Staff that have glammed me up for my events.

It made me wonder, what are my hottest ‘salon chair’ topics right now?

Three things came to mind - Dating, Dukan and of course my Diary of events!

First of all Dating:

As the editor of Style Magazines I am very much involved in all of our singles mixers and events (we have a huge following of sassy singles and with sections like The Bachelor and Bachelorette and singles comps to name a few) I am surrounding by the ins and outs of dating). Not to mention the fact that I am a single gal about town myself!

Last month, in light of Valentines Day, the topic around the office was old school dating etiquette; and after we all joked about what our dating deal breakers were (some consisted of bad dental hygiene, bad taste in music and lazy language) I composed my very own list of golden dating rules.

1. Arranging your date;

Don’t call for a weekend date on a Thursday –

It’s too late! And please, no texting!

2. Always have a plan;

Be creative! There is nothing worse than being

asked, “What would you like to do?”.

3. Baggage;

We all have it but there is no bigger turnoff than

talking about old relationships and ex-partners.

4. Fresh breath is essential;

Bad dental hygiene is an absolute deal breaker.

5. Dress Sense is imperative;

Hello, I am the editor of Style magazine.

Guys: Please no clothing items such as rude

slogan tees, crocs and ‘harry high’ pants.

Gals: No midriffs, muffin tops or minis that

leave nothing to the imagination.

Dukan Diet

Something’s got to give when you attend events every second night with champagne flowing and canapés coming out of your ears, and particularly after Christmas holidays where I indulged in all of the above and so much more, I thought it was time for a full body cleanse (with of course the intention to lose a few kg’s). 

So I challenged myself to the Dukan Diet. With the help of the trusty book (I may or may not have skimmed through a few chapters like that on alcohol) I have said goodbye to my sugars and carbs and have committed to a strictly protein diet! Watch this space for my progress… I am currently back to the initial ‘attack’ phase after a champagne and cocktail relapse on the weekend!

My Diary

People are always very intrigued by my social calendar of back-to-back events. It is my job to be at the latest and greatest and rubbing shoulders with the new business owners, fashion designers, foodies and corporates around town.

This month I have attended a few note-worthy events I thought I would share with you.

  1. David Jones Autumn/Winter Launch.

Brisbane’s flagship QueensPlaza David Jones streamed live the Sydney Catwalk for an audience full of exclusive customers, media and fashion junkies (I am all three). 

  1. The premiere of ‘Silver Linings Playbook’.

For those of you who don’t know I am actually married to Bradley Cooper, so of course it was my wifely duty to make an appearance.

  1. The opening of ‘Toro’.

From the owners of Deer Duck Bistro, comes a hidden ‘pearl of caviar’ in the suburban and savvy location of Milton. This gorgeous little restaurant and bar is sure to be hottest and latest venue on every socialites lips!

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Until next time-

Claire Parviz, Editor, Style Magazines.


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