Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Geeky Valentine

Following on from Tiara’s blog yesterday I’d like to ponder upon a few ways we can use technology to celebrate 'love-day' and at the same time, bring a smile to our Valentine’s face.

Make a calendar

Everyone loves a calendar (it doesn't have to be saucy) and they’re even better when it's full of you!  Get your hair & makeup done, pose and snap away.  Those feeling particularly adventurous can experiment with Photoshop.

 Record a song

Use GarageBand or other free audio software to record a self-written ballad.  Achieve maximum impact by putting the tune on your partners phone and changing their ringtone as a suprise!

An online treasure hunt

Take your Valentine on a journey through the past and best bits of your relationship.
  Leave clues in the form of comments or tags that lead to the next clue - and end with an amazing gift or online booking to something great!

E-cards / Instagram Valentine

Quite traditional but always a winner when it lands at their inbox or news feed.
  Why not attach a voucher or suprise too!

Show what your baby will look like

Potentially scary, but FUN!  Sites like can morph two people's photos and mix them into one.

 Build a robot

Not the easiest, but by-far the coolest valentines gift. 
 Wouldn’t you want a robot bringing flowers and  breakfast in bed?

'til next week, ALEX

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