Friday, February 8, 2013

Wardrobe Essentials


Today was just another morning I woke up with absolutely NOTHING to wear.

Even though I have a huge wardrobe, with 27 pairs of shoes and a ridiculous amount of clothes - why is it that I can never find anything to wear?!

After 20 minutes of throwing clothes all over the show - I ended up in a simple white cotton summer dress and wedges.

Don't you find that it is always the simple basics that help you out on these stressful mornings?

Here I have compiled the top 10 wardropbe basics, that every girl MUST-HAVE. 

No matter your size, colour, style, attitude...these are the indisputable wardrobe essentials.

1) The Simple White Tee 

My white tee is just a little cheapie from Sportsgirl, but I can't live without it.
Over a pair of tight capris, at home over your knickers or tucked into a high waited skirt with a statement necklace - a basic tee is a must have.

2) Statement Pants, preferable Stovepipe

I don't do jeans, so this is my equivalent. You always need a pair of perfect pants (have you ever seen the sisterhood of the traveling pants?!) They need to be tight but comfy and look great with sneakers, or heels. So I think 2 inches above the ankle bone is the best length.

3) A Leather Jacket

I am obsessed with leather jackets, so one wasn't enough for me.
You always need a plain black one - thats an absolute necessity, but me being me, I needed a bright orange one as well for those glum, dull days!

4) Easy-to-wear Wedges

Those days that you cannot find anything to wear - are always the days that you are running late! Make sure you've got some shoes that are not only appropriate for work, but you can still run for your life without breaking your leg! Mine are a pair of Steve Madden wedges, bought for me by our General Manger Rose.
Lucky she got me 2 pairs - I wear 'em almost every day! 

5) A Comfy Pull-Over

I have always loved these jerseys and have them in multiple colours, but a black is a must have. Scoop-necked, longer at the back and tight sleeved so you can pull them up when your making your dinner. They feel great to pull on after work (whip off your bra too for extra-comfort!), and chuck on a pair of boy leg undies. They also look really cute over pants and skirts , if you want to dress it up. 

6) The Perfect High-Waisted Skirt

My mum bought this for me, she has fantastic taste and knows me to a tee. I love that it's pleated and classic, yet is an amazing, vibrant colour. Its also made out of a beautiful suede, so will always look great and will never look ratty and old.

7) Statement Boots

Boots are your best friend. In winter, they look fantastic with summer dresses and leather jackets. I have an incredible pair of over the knee black leather boots that I adore and have worn to bits. I've also got a pair of outrageous (and obscenely expensive) red boots that are so fun, but completely impractical.

8) A Cotton Summer Dress

You always need that simple dress that you can pull on over your bikini, but also slip on with heels for a lunch date.
A see-through soft cotton is always so nice on a hot day, and you can always put a nude or black slip underneath when you want to wear it somewhere other than the beach.

9) Great Shorts

I am a short fiend! I have so many pairs, but since you can't really wear them to work, its all I wear on the weekends. 
I have always been a huge fan of dressing up shorts with heels and jackets, but they are also great to go with that plain tee when you totally run out of fashion inspiration.

10) 'That Dress' that makes you feel FAB

I know everyone talks about the LBD (or little black dress) being an absolute must-have. But for me, I never feel fab in all black - I always feel dull, and like I blend in.
All you need is the perfect dress. Doesn't matter how much you spend, this is an absolute necessity!!!
It needs to be snug, and skim the best parts of your bod - boobs, hips and bum - but not skin-tight.
It needs to be that dress you turn to on fat days, grumpy days, bad hair days and uninspiring days.

It needs to slip on, and zip up - and thats it. Doesn't need acessories, doesn't need statement shoes - it just holds it's own all by itself.

I wore mine to my graduation - and I felt fab!

So thats my Top 10 wardrobe must-haves.
Check-in next Friday and I'll go through the must have accessories.
Because we all know, an outfit isn't complete without a little glitz and glam.

Have a wonderful weekend all.

Kate X

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  1. Good must haves xx