Monday, February 18, 2013

Healthy Swaps!

Making the smallest changes to your lifestyle here and there 
can really have a big impact over time. Little changes to your diet or lifestyle eventually add up, no matter how small they seem. The Australian government has launched their national campaign 'Swap it! Dont stop it!'
It is full of healthy changes you can make to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle without losing all the things you love.
Check it out ......

Below I have listed some of MY favourite food 
swaps that I absolutely LOVE!

Almond flour for wheat flour
This gluten-free switch gives any baked good a dose of protein, 
omega-3s, and a delicious nutty flavor.

Avocado puree for butter
They’re both fats (but very different kinds!) and have nearly the same 
consistency at room temperature.

Natural peanut butter for reduced-fat peanut butter
While they may appear better than full fat versions, reduced fat versions of peanut butter can actually have more sugar — and an extra-long list of artificial additives— than the classics. The coolest thing I did at a health food store in NSW was to actually grind my 
own peanuts to make 100% pure peanut butter.

Stevia for sugar
The natural sweetener stevia is lower in calories and up to 300 times sweeter than sugar. You only need the smallest amount! Stevia is a plant based natural sweetener.

Flax meal for eggs
This one’s an old vegan trick. Mix 1 tablespoon ground flax seeds (aka flax meal) with 3 tablespoons of warm water and whisk with a fork to combine. Now let it sit in the fridge for 5-10 minutes before subbing for 1 egg in any baked recipe. Voila!

Quinoa for couscous/rice
Quinoa is a whole-grain superfood packed with protein, nutrients and all 9 amino acids.
The opportunities with Quinoa are endless. 

Grated steamed cauliflower for rice
Cut both calories and carbs with this simple switch. The texture is virtually the 
same, as is the taste.

Mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes
Mashed cauliflower has only a fraction of the calories of potatoes and it’s nearly impossible to taste the difference. Got picky eaters at the table? Try mixing half potato, half cauliflower.

Crushed flax or fiber cereal for bread crumbs
Crushing a fiber-rich cereal and mixing it with some herbs makes an easy lower-sodium substitution for traditional breadcrumbs. I use this when making chicken parma!

Lettuce leaves for tortilla wraps
It’s not a perfect swap, but forgoing the carbs for fresh lettuce is a fun (and easy) 
switch that can lighten up any wrap or taco dish.

Quinoa flakes for oatmeal
Cooked with milk (cow, almond, hemp — whatever’s on hand) and some cinnamon, quinoa makes a perfect protein-packed hot breakfast. This is my perfect pre workout meal. I always add berries and nuts too! YUM!

Banana ice cream for ice cream
No milk, no cream, no sugar… but the same, delicious consistency. 
It’s simple: freeze bananas, then puree. 

Andrea xx

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