Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Perfect High Tea

Spring is the perfect time to host a high tea party. Last year for my birthday, I was lucky enough to get a beautiful collection of vintage and modern tea cups, saucers and an amazing teapot. For months I have been meaning to host a delectable high tea party for my wonderful lady friends. There are so many cute decoration ideas and delicious recipes.

beautiful teacups and teapot
my wonderful collection

teacup for every occasion

How to host the Perfect High Tea
High tea is a lovely, elegant, and very feminine way to entertain. While the art of doing it properly need not be stuffy or restrictive, it does require some thought and planning. Most of your guests will expect you to have gone to some effort in terms of decorations and flowers. High tea is a great time to get out all your beautiful things that you don't use on a regular basis - it will make the event all that more special. It is also a good opportunity for you and you friends to frock up and look glamorous.

Send out the invitation a few weeks in advance
Good timing is crucial for a perfect event - make sure you allow enough time before the event to prepare food and decorate (don't forget to leave yourself enough time to dress fabulously)
Ensure you have a good supply of boiling water - hire a hot watern urn if necessary
Check the weather conditions or plan for the table to be set undercover
Keep your kitchen clutter free
Prepare food/iced teas the night before to allow for more time on the day

The Menu
 Some suggestions for high tea delights include

Scones with Jam and Cream
Melting Moments
  Delicous Seasonal Fruits & dipping chocolate
Caramel Tarts

Cucumber and Mint Finger Sandwiches
Smoke Salmon, Dill and Cream Cheese Finger Sandwiches
Mini pastries and quiches

Try to display your treats on a stand or vintage plates

Iced Teas
Selection of Hot teas
Iced Water

Decoration & Outfit Ideas






  1. WOWWW Great ideas. Love everything about this post. I am in absolute awe with the invitations and the tea cups. So chic.

  2. Aw thanks alot for your comment! So glad you loved this post. It makes you want to have a tea party doesn't it?