Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Creating the perfect wave

Inspired by Rach's blog about event hair, I decided to research how to achieve soft finger waves at home. These curls are stunning and work in both long and short hair.  I especially like how these curls frame the face and make your look soft and beautiful. See steps to create these beautiful waves at home below.


Steps to creating the perfect wave

  1. Part your hair and then give the hair a light spray of hairspray, lifting the hair as you go. You will need a hairspray that will give you flexibility and hold at the same time. I recommend Moroccanoil hairspray.
  2. Section the hair so that there is a bit above the the ear left out.
  3. Clamp the hair as close to your head as possible with the iron - try the Stefan Leopard Styler. 
  4. Keep the iron flat and begin to rotate it downwards for half a rotation, sliding the hair through the iron, begin to curl the hair. Slow motions work the best to ensure the heat from the iron applies the wave to the hair.
  5. Now rotate the iron upwards for half a rotation. 
  6. Continue steps 5 and 6 until you get to the end of the hair. Spritz with hair spray.
  7. Continue sectioning you hair and then complete steps 5 and 6 until all your hair is complete. 
  8. Smooth over with a soft brush and to make the waves look sleek and shiny, apply some Alive Styling Finishing Creme

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